How It Works

TUFFDIP is a water-soluble bitumen based solution which has been polymer enhanced and specially formulated to be flexible in cold conditions whilst remaining resistant to heat.

Tuffdip is applied cold and requires no special equipment. Simply dip for a maximum of 10 minutes to the required in-ground depth plus 4" / 100mm, drain and allow to dry. Drying time can be from 2 hours in ideal conditions up to 48 hours in cold weather with high humidity.

Once cured, Tuffdip seals the whole of the treated area of the fence post against water ingress and forms a physical barrier inhibiting the development of rot and fungal infestation.

Tuffdip allows timber to season naturally even in wet ground conditions. Tests demonstrated that a Tuffdipped post immersed in water for more than a month showed a ground level moisture content of below 20%. Conventionally treated posts measured at the same point showed a moisture content in excess of 40%.  TRADA research concludes that posts at less than 20% moisture content are resistant to rot. Higher moisture levels lead to increased risk of premature fence failure.   

Contractors have found Tuffdipped posts are easier to drive in, reducing subsoil disturbance and creating a stronger installation.

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